PhotoGrid_1395999329855[1]The young aspiring creative, Ifeanyi Nwune, took a step away from his day to day styling and spoke with Adeile ( well, if social messaging interaction counts ) about ‘Control’. IN says Control is a capsule collection including formal, casual and statement pieces”. Having minimal colour and just enough textures, less really is more with this menswear collection. With limitless creativity and aesthetically pleasing visuals, there’s so much more to expect from the expanding fashion brand. 

when we asked him why control ? I.N explained to us that CONTROL is the name of the collection & that the name of his fashion line is actually IFEANYI NNWUNE.

I.N further went on to explain to us how he was inspired by a couple of things & you wouldn’t believe it but the hardest hip hop verse of all time by Kendrick Lemar on Big Sean’s Control track inspired this collection & the reason was quite fascinating ‘a verse which caused lot of talk in the music industry inspired me to do something similar in the fashion industry’

I.N didn’t deny that he is inspired by what he see’s around him but most notably is his urge to create ”dopeness”, something he PhotoGrid_1396016111230[1]would see & be happy. Like all products that surface into any market, we asked if he had a target market when working on the CONTROL collection but he said it never crossed his mind but he did try to make a piece for every kind of man in the collection.

Ifeanyi Nnwune features his first new collections to the Nigerian Fashion industry & only the creative genius can explain the concept behind this genius. ‘CONTROL is a debut collection by celebrity stylist, Ifeanyi Nwune. Its a high fashion collection, created by fusion in styles of the unorthodox male hipster and the dapper gentleman”. we went further to speak about fashion, style & art in general but his views on those three subjects were quite fascinating. I.N believes art is to be a coordinated expression of our thoughts & how fashion and style are basically art but in the word of his cousin ‘Fashion brings us together, style sets us apart’ doesn’t that sum up everything ?


I.N launched the CONTROL collection at the Redefinition Fashion show & because of the genius he is, I.N went ahead to win the designer of the year – ‘Thank God for a good start’ he says. So what’s the future like with I.N ? ‘Hopefully, way better clothes in production. Want to create a platform where people can buy doper and less pricey clothes than those seen beyond borders’


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