Folayemi Joshua Fashion, also known as FJ Fashion, is a brand synonymous with simplicity, comfort and class. Every man desires to be comfortable while looking stylish in their outfit and it is sometimes difficult to find an outfit that ticks all the boxes.

FJ Fashion’s henley shirts are designed for individuals who want to maintain their simple looks in a comfy outfit whilst looking classy.

Henley shirts are casual wears that are known for their simplicity and comfort. The fashion trend today has seen a departure from this mindset as people are now more conscious of their outfit, regardless of how casual it looks.
Folayemi Joshua

They want to look good in casual wear and appear in places where casual wear may seem inappropriate. FJ Fashion has rebranded its henley shirts, taking the simplicity and comfort to another level and combining it with excellence and elegance.

FJ Fashion’s new look henley shirts are high-quality shirts designed to make you look simple and sophisticated in one breath. This is the desire of every individual and FJ Fashion gives you just that.

Folayemi Joshua

More attention was given to the tailoring and quality of the shirt to achieve a simple and classy feel. The weight of the shirt is lighter, which makes it more comfortable and gives you that casual feel. The packaging of the shirt for the customer is classier with a branded paper bag and a transparent plastic bag that contains the shirt.

FJ Fashion places a premium on its customers which is why they have gone the extra mile to ensure that you get the classy treatment you deserve. You do not need to worry about the shirt slacking, fading or fraying. The quality is that good. The new FJ Fashion’s henley shirts combine Simplicity, Comfort & Class.Folayemi Joshua Henley Shirts - Combines Simplicity, Comfort And Elegance 1

Simplicity – Henley shirts are naturally designed to be simple and casual. FJ Fashion henley shirts have redefined simplicity and casual wear by adding a touch of class. It is a slip-on shirt that gives you that classy casual look desired by every individual out there. It comes in both short and long sleeves.

Comfort – The new FJ henley shirts have an improved fabric quality and a lighter feel. Customers are guaranteed to feel comfy wearing not just any henley shirt, but a quality henley shirt that is comfortable and gives you the confidence needed in any atmosphere you find yourself in.

Class – FJ Fashion is a classy brand that will continue to evolve to maintain that reputation. The new FJ henley shirts ooze class. It starts from the packaging. When you order an FJ henley shirt, you receive an FJ branded black paper bag that gives you that classy feel.

Black is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. The shirt itself is packed in a transparent and easy-to-open plastic bag that sets your order apart from the regular shirts. The henley shirt itself is simple and casual, and the quality of the shirt makes it the right shirt for different occasions.

The newly released henley shirts are now available to shop. It comes in both short and long sleeves. They are available now in Black colour only and in sizes M – XXL.

Folayemi Joshua Fashion or FJ Fashion is a Nigerian eponymous clothing label.  It’s owned by Folayemi Joshua Limited and has a local focus with global standards with a capacity to deliver nationwide as well as in other countries of the world.

Connect with Folayemi Joshua Fashion @fjfashionng on Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook. For more information on our products, please contact HERE.




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Words by Olusegun Odejobi




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