Established in 2019, NITEMI is designed to create fashion pieces that exude a raw, but refined sense of femininity. Bold sensuality and minimalist sophistication are two perfect ways to describe the creative process that defines this fashion brand.


NITEMI is a fashion brand that makes fashionable pieces for stylish and confident women.

From the Emma set, Ade set that features the Neni dress, the Vel dress, Larin dress, all of these pieces exude a raw yet defined sense of femininity, with a keen focus on clean lines and the perfect fit.

The Temilayo dress, Nadija set, and Tilly dress are some of the brand’s best pieces. This set features reviews of customers with their kids, a move that shows the unique part of this brand; connecting with women of all ages.

The Jayden dress exudes effortless femininity, the Tilly dress is a melody of vibrant colours. 


The best part of NITEMI is making simple dresses look sophisticated. The Tio dress features a back cut-out detail,

The Yewie dress is a gathered beauty that combines volume and structure. With the #NITEMIWOMAN tag, the brand uses community marketing to create a loyal customer base. To shop from NITEMI, click here to visit the website and explore their offerings. 


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