Written by Tiannah Styling

Q8A7905 CopyLooking beautiful and classy is the aim of every lady as they step out at any event. However, the fear of what to wear and how perfect it could go with the body shape and size can be a serious dilemma for some. People often wear things that conceal their actual figure and thus they look small in big clothing.
This trend has been in existence for so long but the evolution in the fashion world has brought about what we all presently known as Bodycon dresses. The birth of wearing tight fitted dresses which reveals the beautiful curves in every lady has become the latest trend in town.
Embraced recently by entertainers all over the world. Bodycon is actually a short form of what is called “body conscious”, a form of clothing which is generally made with stretchy or lycra materials to give them enough elasticity to hug the figure tightly. Common these days as evening wears and dinner gowns, looking radiant at these form of event is always perfect when you wear the right dress.
A masterpiece designed to make confident ladies look outstanding in public. Bodycon as it’s generally known should be worn only by ladies who are ready to issue the right fashion statement about their curve and body figure. Wearing this form of clothing with the wrong body shape and size can actually show to the world every embarrassing lump and cellulite you have been hiding.
However, specific things should be in place when stepping to events in bodycon dresses. Such as the right shoes to wear, the right panty line to choose and the color of bra to be worn. This and many more unknown little tips made the Exquisite Magazine crew to style a model in bodycon dress just to show other ladies how this latest work of art can be worn perfectly in public.

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