Animal Prints is the comeback queen. The 90’s declared war on Animal Print by making Emo Grunge trendy. Yet, Animal Prints are coming back like she never left. In 2021, Animal prints reigned supreme on the Runways. Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent showed us zebra, leopard prints on their Runways. So we are gonna show you how to slay the Animal Prints Trend without looking like you are from the jungle.

Leopard Print: Fashionistas refurbished this timeless print to look good in 2021. The going consensus is that your leopard print should be the only focus of your outfit. Every other piece in your outfit should be simple. This is to avoid having your pieces clash with the leopard print. If a leopard print piece of clothing is too much for you, you can try accessories (shoes, bag, scarf) in leopard print.

Animal Prints Trend- The Comeback Queen 1Here, we took the casual route with the leopard print skirt by pairing it with a t-shirt and sneakers. This shows that you can style your leopard print any way you choose.

Snakeskin Print:

Animal Prints Trend- The Comeback QueenSnakeskin Print is a wonderful way to make a fashion statement. It’s a neutral piece that goes with other solid colours like grey, black, and whites. Pls, don’t wear Snakeskin print all through. Let’s leave that for professional fashionistas like Rhianna.

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Zebra Print:

Animal Prints Trend- The Comeback Queen 2The Zebra pattern is not limited to black and white. You can slay it in different colours as we did here. Zebra print is amazing because you don’t need accessories to make your look slay. Zebra print slays all by itself.

Crocodile (Croc) Print:

Animal Prints Trend- The Comeback Queen 3First thing is to try a few accessories (like shoes or your handbag) in croc print to begin the Croc Print trend. This way you can dip your toes in the trend without making the commitment of buying a croc print piece of clothing. Thus, if you don’t like the feel of it, you can sell/donate the accessory and move on. When you feel confident about taking on the trend, you can invest in Croc print skirts, blazers, or trousers.

So, which animal print are you willing to try? Which one is a total no-go area for you? Which of these prints tickles your fancy?? Let us know by dropping a comment.


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