A white shirt is an important wardrobe staple and as such, every woman must have at least one in her wardrobe.

But having it isn’t all that matters. You still have to learn how to style a white shirt. This is very important otherwise you’d be looking like a plain Jane rather than a gorgeous diva.

It’s simple. For instance, you can grab on your white shirt with a white pair of pants, white shoes, white sunglasses, and maybe a white hat too. Of course, you’d be looking like a white angel but a stylish one for that matter.

Would you like to pull this off? Great. Read up our style guide on how to style all-white outfits to get started.

Style A White Shirt These 6 Ways

Pair it with a Skirt

Ways to style a white shirt


Any type of skirt for women works here. It could be a miniskirt, midi skirt, jean skirt, or even a maxi skirt. You can even tilt towards Afrocentric fashion by wearing an ankara skirt.

There’s enough room for variety and versatility with a white shirt. Leave your comfort zone and go for it.

Wear it as a Shirtdress

Ways to style a white shirt

Some white shirts go beyond your waistline and thighs to serve as a dress. If you have one of these, how lucky you are.

You can wear it like that with some nice sneakers, flats, or a pair of heels. You can even add a belt to cinch your waist if it’s a loose or oversized shirt.

There are many chic ways to style a shirtdress. 

Pair with Work Pants

6 Amazing Ways To Style A White Shirt 1

White shirts are great when paired with palazzo pants, tapered pants, or any flared pants for work. They are a nice option for the office too, especially if your pants are well-tailored.

Pair with Jeans, Leather pants, Leggings, or any Trousers

How to style a white shirt
Everybody knows denim goes with anything. So, combining it with your white shirt will be a good option. You can also go for leather pants, leggings, or any other pair of pants. White button-downs or button-ups are never selective.

Wear with Shorts

6 Amazing Ways To Style A White Shirt 2

Be they biker shorts, baggy shorts, or some sexy bum shorts, your white button-ups will always look great.

Layer with a Blazer, Jean Jacket, or Kimono

6 Amazing Ways To Style A White Shirt 3

You can also layer your white button-ups or button-down shirt with a sleeveless or long-sleeved blazer. If you want, you can wear a skirt or trousers or simply wear your shirt as a dress.


Written by uchechukwu uzougbo 

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