Because the whole sheer-dress-and-underwear look isn’t for everyone.

1. Layer a sheer top over a buttoned-up oxford at the office.
Sheer can be totally work-appropriate when it is used as a layering piece over an otherwise conservative top. Just make sure the sheer piece you are layering is loose enough that it doesn’t create awkward bunching and wrinkling underneath.

2. Use sheer clothing to add texture to a monochromatic outfit.
Wearing one color head-to-toe helps all the elements blend together so the sheerness of any one piece is less noticeable.


3. Use embellishments to make sheer fabrics feel less naked.
Embellishments create visual interest, which tricks the eye and gives the illusion of greater coverage.


4. Make crop tops more forgiving by layering them under something sheer.
A little sheer mesh or lace is great if you want to indulge in the crop-top trend, but don’t feel like going for the full-on belly bare.


5. Make menswear-inspired silhouettes more feminine with sheer fabrics.
Layer a sheer button-up over a bra or camisole then add pants for a more conservative look or a skirt for something a little sexier.


6. Retro looks feel totally modern with a few small sheer accents.
Sheer fabrics are great for adding texture and visual interest to conservative shapes, like this oversized top.


7. Sheer panels can make a basic pair of black pants a lot more stylish and fun.
With a crisp button down and a simple pair of heels, it’s yet another way to make sheer work at the office.


8. Prints make sheer fabrics seem less transparent.
The busier the print the harder it is to see through, so you don’t have to think so much about what you’re wearing underneath.


9. Dress up a simple pair of pumps with sheer socks.
Stick to closed-toe shoes to keep unflattering toe seams from creeping out and distracting from your overall look.


10. Use sheer patches to bring a sexy, feminine element to ’90s-grunge ripped denim.
If you don’t want to buy the look premade, you can always have a tailor sew sheer panels behind the holes in your own jeans, or if they are especially tight just layer them over a cool pair of sheer lace tights for the same kind of look.


11. De-emphasize sheer fabrics through bold color-blocking.
Bright colors always attract the most attention, even when your bra is visible through your shirt.


12. Layer something sheer under an asymmetric skirt or top.
Just make sure the top layer is thick enough that the sheer fabric underneath doesn’t create unflattering bumps and bulges.


13. Choose pieces with sheer panels that won’t expose your underwear.
If strapless bras aren’t an option for you, choose something nude with a simple strap and then look for sheer fabrics with a little texture or print to obscure the straps underneath.


14. Balance short and sheer on the bottom with something more covered up on top.
Sheer fabrics are also great for making sporty silhouettes, like these high-cut runner shorts, feel more feminine.


15. Make preppy sexy by pairing a cute, girly cardigan with a sheer overlay pencil skirt.
A lower neckline on top, whether it’s a T-shirt, button-down, or crop top, is good for balancing out the more conservative elements of the look to make it feel a little more fun.



source: cosmopolitan

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