Odedina Adedamola Moyosore, a Mass Communication graduate from Babcock University, is the creative force behind the designer outfit, M. Collection. Despite his academic background, Moyosore’s passion for fashion led him to explore the world of garment making and design.

After graduating in 2020, Moyosore embarked on the compulsory National Youth Corps programme in Kwara State. Upon completion, he secured an internship with Nobel Afrik Training School, a renowned dressmaking academy in Lagos. This experience allowed him to transform his skills into a profitable venture.

Odedina Adedamola Moyosore: The Creative Mind Behind M. Collection 1

Moyosore has worked with various designers and participated in numerous exhibitions and fashion shows. Most recently, he showcased his design collections at an event known as Fashion Fusion, a UK pop-up event held at the Bullring and Grand Central in Birmingham city.

Let’s dive into his interview and learn more about his craft.

Tell Us About Yourself and Your Brand.

Odedina Adedamola Moyosore: The Creative Mind Behind M. Collection 2

My Name is Odedina Adedamola Moyosore, I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Babcock University, the brain behind the M. Collection. As a Mass Communication graduate, I felt that I could do something more creative outside my field of study, so I opted to take some lessons in garment making and designing because of my love for fashion and I thank God that I went through the learning process. I pushed on with my training and today I am the brain behind the designer outfit known as M. Collections.

How And When Did Your Journey Begin?

When after graduating in 2020, I proceeded to Kwara State for the compulsory National Youth Corps programme then I got my first opportunity on completion of my NYSC programme, an internship with Nobel Afrik Training School, a dress-making academy in Lagos. I turned my skills into a money spinner and I am savouring it after working with various designers and attending exhibitions and fashion shows. I just showcased my design collections at an event known as Fashion Fushion, a UK pop-up up which took place recently at the Bullring and Grand Central, right in the middle of Birmingham city.

Odedina Adedamola Moyosore: The Creative Mind Behind M. Collection 3

Were Your Parents Or Friends In Support Of Your New Career Path?

Yes, they were, I’m very lucky and blessed to be part of such a supporting system. At first, they were worried about my decision but after seeing my dedication and craftmanship, my family and friends cheered me all the way. I am forever grateful for having such a supporting cast, they encourage and lead me on at any opportunity.

How Did You Handle Criticism?

The first step has to be staying calm and objective. I avoid reacting emotionally and try to view the feedback as constructive input rather than a personal attack. I always listen carefully; I try to understand the specific points raised. I treat criticism as a learning opportunity, I use the feedback to enhance my skills and grow both personally and professionally. I learned to discern between feedback that can contribute to my growth and criticism that may be unhelpful or uncalled for.

Was There any Setbacks You Overcame In The Fashion World?

Yes, I started as a shy person but after a while, I gradually overcame my fear and became more confident in myself.

What Is Your Signature Style?

Afrocentric. A fusion of African and Western flavour.

Odedina Adedamola Moyosore: The Creative Mind Behind M. Collection 4

Who Is Your Ideal Target Audience?

Everyone between the ages of 10 to 60 years old.

What’s Been Your Best Moments as a Designer?

I’d have to start with showing and displaying my works in Birmingham, it was a thrilling experience for me. When a client expresses genuine satisfaction with my work, appreciates my creativity and acknowledges the value I added to their project is another fulfilling moment. Successfully tackling a challenging project or overcoming a creative block is also a source of my personal satisfaction. Receiving awards or recognition for my work from industry peers and organizations also gives me great satisfaction, knowing your work is being rewarded.

What Are Your Worst moments as a designer?

  1. Client Miscommunication or Disagreement: Misunderstandings or disagreements with clients regarding the design direction, scope, or expectations can be frustrating.
  2. Criticism and Rejection: Receiving negative feedback or facing rejection for your designs, whether from clients, colleagues, or in a public setting is often disappointing
  3. Creative Block: Struggling to generate fresh ideas or experiencing a creative block can be stressful, especially when working against tight deadlines.
  4. Lack of Recognition: Feeling undervalued or underappreciated for my contributions can be demoralizing
  5. Project Failures: Experiencing the failure of a project, whether due to external factors or internal issues can be frustrating.

On a scale of 1-10, what has been your response from customer satisfaction?

Encouraging and that is why we are still in operation to date.

What makes your brand different from others?

Simplicity, At M.Collection we appreciate it all well-tailored and simple. Fitting is another key factor of our label.

Odedina Adedamola Moyosore: The Creative Mind Behind M. Collection 5


If you had the opportunity to start over again, what would you do differently?

I would have started my designing career earlier than I did but in all, I’m enjoying my new life and trying to catch up with the reality of today’s fashion industry.

Kindly share tips for staying successful

For me, it’s three important factors.

Focus, Determination and hard work.

What advice will you give to start-ups who have similar visions as you do?

To learn and to start small and grow big. They also need to believe in themselves.

Share five fun facts about you.

Midnight Muse: Inspired by the magic of the midnight hour. I believe that creativity flows most freely when the rest of the world is asleep, and my best ideas often come to life in the quiet hours of the night.

Fast Learner: I understand and grasp things very quickly

Perfectionist: I’m obsessed with my designs and other processes going correctly.

Workaholic: I want the best for my brand so I research a lot on how to improve my skills and be better.

What an inspiring story, his career shift from mass communication to fashion design is an applaudable huge step. We look forward to seeing Odedina Adedamola Moyosore’s designs on our screens and bigger fashion shows.

You can reach him via

Instagram: m_collections123

Email: damolaodedina@gmail.com

Phone Number: +2349057294823

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