Faith Uche Stevens popularly known as DJ Electra is widely recognized as The inspiring DJ due to her philanthropic efforts. She renders her DJ service on voluntary donations and uses the profits generated by her entertainment organization Electra Music Empire Limited for humanitarian purposes to empower youths in local communities, creating awareness about epilepsy to reduce stigmatization against those living with the condition as she does. DJ Electra started working professionally in 2009 as a disc jockey at Pub One Lounge in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Bukkahut Lounge also in Lagos, where she has been and is currently the resident DJ for their Saturdays epic night for 7 years.

She has performed for top Lagos restaurants, Lounges and clubs.

She also performed at the Thailand Festival (Songkran Festival) Organized by Orchid House Restaurant.

Amongst some of her achievements are:

Voted Outstanding Dj Of the year 2023 By Rave Tv and Trek Africa Newspaper. The first female DJ to participate and graduate at the Academy for Women’s Entrepreneurs A.W.E (2022) and declared their official DJ. She was sponsored by Inside Out Media on her first sound project for a movie in London in January 2023. She Has Performed for U.S Consulate General Events Four times, Performed for International Visitor Leadership Program IVLP and many more

DJ Electra is a member of the Exquisite Club, a group of elite women who prioritize their self-care and wellness. Today we shine our spotlight on Faith Uche Steven, let’s dive into her interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do:

My name is Faith Uche Stevens popularly known as DJ Electra. I am a Disc Jocker aka DJ, a musician and a public figure.

What made you choose this career path?

My love for Music

How long have you been an Exquisite Club member?

About a month now.

Get To Know Faith Uche Stevens aka DJ Electra

What have you benefited from being an Exquisite Club member?

Having the benefit of this interview will create more media visibility for my brand.

What are your future goals/Aspirations for your career?

To one day build a Neurological Center to support people struggling with Epilepsy, support youths in local communities and so much more.

Get To Know Faith Uche Stevens aka DJ Electra 1

What helps your productivity at work?

My vast knowledge of various music genres

Who Inspires You?

The creator of the entire universe

What is the biggest career challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Health Challenge and Financial Support

You spoke about facing health and financial challenges, how have you overcome them?

By rendering my services on voluntary donations I was able to place more value on myself and work at my own pace.

Get To Know Faith Uche Stevens aka DJ Electra 2

If you could collaborate with anyone in your field, who would it be?

Yinka Davies and DJ Nana

What project are you working on right now?

I recently released my music single and video for a song titled “At Peace With Myself” available on all Music Platforms and YouTube.

What are your hobbies?

Listening to music, being creative, sightseeing, playing Candy Crush…I am on level 11166 lol etc

5 Fun Facts people don’t know about you:

  1. I am very witty
  2. I have a Cockerell as an ambassador I named him Fifi
  3. I love drinking garri and groundnuts with very chilled water
  4. I love adventures
  5. I live by the minute.

Describe what a perfect day outside your work would be.

Chilling by the seaside listening to easy music, RnB or jazz while eating the best-grilled croaker fish and chips.

And it’s a wrap on this membership spotlight on DJ Electra, join the Exquisite Club for more benefits such as this.


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