Skincare acids are basic ingredients that cause a physiologic change in one of
the skin layers that is measurable both scientifically and visually. In other words, this acid usually change the skin in some way, as opposed to just covering it up.

Acid can also reduce the visible effect of ultraviolet damage, decrease collagen degradation, and help restore the skin barrier. The awesome thing is that with skincare acids, there’s usually an immediate result.

In this article, we’d talk about a few of these skincare acids which you should look out for in your skincare products if you have an oily skin

  1. Glycolic acid:

This is a power horse ingredient for oily skin, especially if you’re prone to breakouts. Many patients with oily skin benefit from washes, lotions and creams that contain glycolic acid to
help reduce excessive oil and prevent the clogging of pores that lead to acne breakouts.

2. Niacinamide:

It is a friendly acid that bolsters the skin barrier while stimulating the natural production of collagen. This also strengthens the outer layer of skin and increases its surface renewal
rate to help reverse damage such as hyperpigmentation and large pores

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3. Hyaluronic acid:

One should note that moisture is not oil and vice versa. Although your skin might be oily, you still need a moisturizer.Therefore it is always best to get an oil free moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid. This will help to hydrate your skin without clogging up your pores.

4. Retinol:

This powerful vitamin derivative is called powerful for a reason. It not only stops reduces wrinkles with its anti aging features but it also drastically  controls oil production by building up collagen, firming up the skin hence making the pores smaller and able to emit less oil.

5. Salicylic acid:

Seeing as washing your face completely doesn’t help oil production, experts say to use cleansers instead and cleansers that contain salicylic acid  are the best. Salicylic acid is lipophilic, meaning it likes oil. It gets into the pore, filled with oil, and sucks the oil out. So get a cleanser with salicylic acid today.

However it is important to note that acid based products can also increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So you really need to moisturize well and use  really good sunscreen. Likewise, people with darker skin and sensitive skin should take extra care when using certain acids.

Written by Sogbolu Olubukola (The Skincare Fair)

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