We’re slowly easing out of the Christmas festivities into the realities of the new year, accompanied with fresh tasks, plans and activities, so getting our skin right should definitely remain on top of our new year resolutions list.

There should always be enough room for healthy skin habits, and that’s just what Georgia Day had in mind when she came up with a list of simple ways of detoxing the skin for a Vogue editorial.

According to her article published on Vogue, “while your skin is adept at protecting itself from external irritants via the skin barrier, it’s not medically possible to purge toxins from the body via the skin – most will agree that all seakin sonally sluggish skin can benefit from a reset.”

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Detoxing The Skin In 5 Simple Ways

  1. Cleanse routine

Detoxing The Skin Can't Get Any Better Than These 5 Tips From Vogue 1

As much as we want to cleanse our lives of all forms of negativity this year, we should apply the same energy into keeping our skin pores as clean as possible.

Not only can inadequate cleansing contribute to congestion, breakouts and dullness, but not getting all that deep-set dirt out of your pores will render much of what you apply afterwards virtually useless – including that expensive serum that Santa was kind enough to deliver. Balms and cleansing oils that dissolve grime and penetrate deep into the skin are good first cleanse options, while creams, gels and micellar waters make for appropriate second cleanses.

2. Switch up your routine

Detoxing The Skin Can't Get Any Better Than These 5 Tips From Vogue 2

Sometimes, the biggest hindrance to your skin goals is your current routine. “Using excessive amounts of acids and actives [results] in sensitivity, irritation and compromising your skin’s barrier function.”, says Malvina Cunningham, consultant dermatologist at Skin+Me.

Start by stripping your regime right back to a gentle cleanser and moisturiser which won’t irritate or disrupt already compromised skin. Adding a brightening antioxidant such as vitamin C into your daily routine will help stimulate collagen, offer a brightening wakeup call and counteract oxidisation caused by inflammatory free radicals.

3. Look after your gut

Detoxing The Skin Can't Get Any Better Than These 5 Tips From Vogue 3

This could seem very cliche, but it’s also very important because what goes in almost always affects what comes out, especially in our bodies.

Keeping your skin healthy means keeping your gut and its delicate microbiome healthy. It’s not just food that contributes to poor gut health either; alcohol causes an inflammatory response in the gut which can result in digestive discomfort including abdominal pain and bloating.

4. Stay Hydrated

Detoxing The Skin Can't Get Any Better Than These 5 Tips From Vogue 4

Water, asides from being a fulltime lifesaver is also great for detoxing the skin and here’s why…

Excess sugar, alcohol and elevated stress levels impact the skin in various ways but one problem they all contribute to is chronic dehydration, a condition which leaves skin looking uneven, dull and dry. You may also experience fine lines and can even be hit with itchiness and flakiness. If that’s you, take a two-pronged approach to rehydration by addressing the issue inside and out.

5.  Prioritise Sleep

Beauty sleep

Don’t ever get too busy planning things or trying to have fun that you forget or neglect a good amount of beauty sleep daily. We know this is easier said than done in this world of Netflix, insomnia and Covid-19, but being a little more deliberate will definitely ease the process.

When we sleep our skin goes into regeneration mode, replacing damaged or dead cells with fresh, new ones and repairing any environmental damage. Good sleep also increases blood flow to the skin and contributes to its essential structural work such as rebuilding vital collagen and elastin, the very proteins that festive excesses damage.

Skipping those precious hours (at least eight, more if you can) prevents all of this vital maintenance work from happening and instead increases levels of inflammation, slows down healing and repair systems and aggravates conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and allergies.

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