Are you suffering from dry skin and sceptical about buying over-the-counter moisturizer? You should consider incorporating a home remedy into your skin-care routine. Surprisingly ingredients for these dry-skin fixes may already be in your kitchen. Here are a few simple diy natural dry skin remedies you can whip up in the comfort of your home.

Whip Up an Olive Oil Moisturizer to Soothe Dry Skin

If you need to get rid of yur dry skin and add extra moisture fast, extra-virgin olive oil is an alternative to your moisturizer. Olive oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants, squalene, and other properties that repair damaged skin. Please note that this may not be a good choice for acne-prone skin, because of the risk of clogging your pores.

Before applying olive oil directly to your skin, double-check whether this solution is right for you by consulting a dermatologist.

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Make a Natural Coconut Oil and Sugar Scrub

To treat dead skin cells that might be giving your skin a dry texture and appearance, you may consider a gentle homemade sugar scrub. Michigan State University recommends combining 1 cup of brown or granulated sugar with ½ cup of coconut oil. If you want, you can add an essential oil like lavender, which lends a natural fragrance and may promote relaxation and decrease anxiety. Gently rub the scrub into your skin for up to 30 seconds, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Create an Easy Oatmeal Soak to Calm Your Skin

A cup of oatmeal in a warm bath can naturally rehydrate dry skin. It helps your skin retain moisture from the bathwater. Or, for a mess-free soak, tie the oats to your faucet in pantyhose and run your bathwater through them.

If you have eczema, oatmeal may offer relief from dry, inflamed, or irritated skin

Exfoliate Your Face with a Homemade Oatmeal Honey Mask

Oatmeal makes a great exfoliator or mask, too. Mix 2 tablespoons of oats with 1 tablespoon of honey and a dash of water. You can use it just to exfoliate and wash it off right away, or leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes as a soothing, hydrating mask. As a review in the October 2021 Open Life Sciences pointed out, honey may have antimicrobial properties that may also help accelerate wound healing

Apply Coconut Oil Before Bedtime

Coconut oil, which a review in the July 2022 Journal of Drugs in Dermatology noted has roots in African and Indian cultures, is a popular home treatment for healthy hair and skin. “Coconut oil becomes a solid at room temperature, so use it as a moisturizing cream at bedtime or anytime “For chapped heels and hands, apply the oil, then layer with thick socks or nonlatex gloves.”

Use Honey as a Spot Treatment for Dry Patches

Honey has emollient and humectant effects that can soften your skin and help it retain moisture, according to past research. It’s also an alternative treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, psoriasis, and dandruff.

I urge you to try out these remedies this weekend and feel nourished and fully moisturized for the new week.

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