This shout out goes to all the naturalistas in our midst! How have you been holding up throughout this period? We know, it’s not been a bed of roses, we’re here to ease your journey up a bit. We also know the stress of trying to decide which of the protective hairstyles for natural hair to try out, so we’ve got you covered.

Some Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

1. Kinky Twists

Kinky twist protective hairstyles

Kinky twists are protective hairstyles made with 2-strand twists with loose ends. It is a very lightweight hairstyle and can be styled in multiple different ways from long to short, to up-do and into a bun. All you have to do is moisturise.

2. Didi

Didi protective hairstyles

This protective hairstyle should be every woman’s best friend; most especially if you love wearing wigs. This hairstyle could be done with just your natural hair or with extra attachment for length and color.

My favorite part of this protective style is, it is also a way to grow your hair without even trying. Just add some hair creams, oils and you are good to go.

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3. Faux Locs

faux locs protective hairstyles

This is one hairstyle I am so looking forward to trying and I want it in all its glory.

Meagan Good

Actress Meagan Good, known to wear faux locs as one of her signature looks said ‘the goddess faux loc style has become my favorite look. No breakage, easy styling or no styling at all. They’re gorgeous, soft and comfortable to wear.

4. Box Braids

Box braids protective hairstyles

Box braids could never go out of style even if they tried and I doubt there is any black woman who doesn’t love this protective hairstyle.

medium box braids

With synthetic and fibre attachments available is a wide range of colours, it is very easy to have fun with this hairstyle.

So, which of these protective styles for natural hair is your top pick? Let’s know in the comment section, thanks!

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