Who would have thought that after women discovered the wonders of foundation, they’d want to do without it? Well, it seems that time has come because no foundation makeup is in right now.

Foundation is originally meant to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone, but with skincare on the rise like never before, ladies are realising that they might not need the product anymore, and makeup artists also make the decision easy with the great looks they pull off without using any.

You might be wondering what you can use without needing foundation, that’s why we’re here hun, just sit tight and enjoy the ride!

1. Moisturiser

No Foundation? Yes, That's The Latest Makeup Trend You Need To Jump On 1

This helps keep the face hydrated and fresh. You should use a moisturiser that’s best for your skin type though, to avoid too much moisture on your face.

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2. Concealer

No Foundation? Yes, That's The Latest Makeup Trend You Need To Jump On 2
No foundation concealer application

The fact that you’re done with foundation doesn’t mean you have to be done with other makeup products. It also doesn’t mean you need to overdo it with the concealer, just the right amount is great. And make sure you use one that works well with your skin tone.

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3. Liquid Highlight

No Foundation? Yes, That's The Latest Makeup Trend You Need To Jump On 3

This should be done with your natural skin colour in mind so that you don’t end up looking too light, too dark or just too fake. Cream textures are amazing on bare skin, meaning your foundation won’t even be missed.

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Check out some beginner-friendly tutorial videos on the ‘no foundation makeup’ trend here:

Dimma Umeh

Natasha S.

Janay Mickles

Maya Galore


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