vlcsnap-2014-05-10-17h48m48s0Hey lovelies..
So I’m back again to share with you how I take care of my own hair while I’m in my protective style which is the Marley/Kinky hair in long twists.
I had talked about how having protective style (weaves, wigs, braids, twists with your hair or attachment) can help with seeing growth, retaining length and having good Health generally as long as you take care of you amazing hair whilst it’s in a protective style (you with me? Lol 😉 )


So back to taking care of my hair in twists, I use the LOC method when moisturizing and sealing the moisture in my hair which i looovvvveeee cos it leaves my hair soft and moisturized for days; The  L.O.C method is basically applying (L – Liquid which can be water, Leave in conditioner or a water based moisturizer, O – being any of your favorite oils and C – Any styling creme or butter – shea butter or mango butter etc).

– My Daily Spritz which has a mix of water, leave in conditioner and my favorite oils in my spray bottle.
– Castor oil (since its thick can act as a sealant, promotes hair growth amongst other great benefits)
– Shea Butter (It’s an excellent moisturizer and because of its emolliating qualities. This makes it excellent for locking in moisture without leaving your hair greasy and heavy)

I take my twist in sections and just spritz it, massage it in then I follow it by using Castor oil and a little Shea butter to seal.
Easy Breezy

This Process is to make sure Your hair isn’t dry but moisturized in your protective style because dry hair would lead to breakage, split ends and a lot more damage, We dont want that now, Do we?

My hair and scalp feel alive each time I do that..

Then again I wash my hair/Scalp as well to reduce build up from all the daily spritz, sealing and dust from the surrounding + Hair doesn’t grow on dirty scalp and you wouldn’t want it to stink lol :p


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