14th March 2018

Over the weekend, to mark her birthday which falls on the 13th of March; Yemi Alade hosted a Wakanda themed birthday party at the Ember Creek at the Landmark Towers. The party boasted themes, African artifacts and dress code from the fictional planet, as well ...

7th March 2018

Award-winning Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade flashed some major skin in a sheer top. Yemi who is accustomed to rocking African wears, decided to deviate from her signature mode of dressing and looked more ‘hip hop’ like. Many fans hailed the look, calling it her sexiest ...

18th November 2017



1. Lais Ribeiro rocking the 2million dollars fantasy bra 2. This couple have been receiving a lot of backlash from people for this shoot, what do you think? 3. Who’s liking Yemi alade’s look?? I must say, the hairdo looks very different... 4. Which would ...

15th November 2017

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbgz9CaFJe-/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BbecZnNFLmJ/ Photo/Link: @yemialade

2nd November 2017

Mafikizolo's home coming will be kicking off with the celebration of his new album at Silverstar Casino. His new album features Mama Africa(Yemi Alade) in one of the singles "O Fana Nawe". Go Yemi...Go Yemi... Photo: @mafikizolo_africa

Another hot one from Yemi Alade a.k.a Mama Africa #BlackMagic From the album, we have....#SingleandSearching ft Falzthebahdguy And... #HeartRobber Photo: @yemialade

18th May 2017

YEMI ALADE has been in the picture and industry for quite a while before coming to lime light. Her voice is just as beautiful and ‘diva-ISH’ as the world takes her to be. Few of the many things that make her stand out is her ...