12th January 2018

Every activity was put on hold at the arrival section of the Muritala International Airport, as one of Davido's crew member named Kayode, causes an uproar. According to Sahara Reporters, Kayode got upset and beat up an official who asked him to produce his luggage ...

27th December 2017

I told you it was going to be serious fun and I tell you, the turnout was massive! I thought that was only applicable to the Nigerian audience. I guess I was wrong... Check out photos and see what I'm talking about. Remember, it was ...

28th November 2017

Photo: @twsnigeria

25th October 2017

The crowd just couldn't get enough of them.... https://www.instagram.com/p/BalBVTxHAlQ/ Photo/Link: @iamsmade

22nd September 2017

Unconventional model/artist, Leila Spilman slays in a recent fashion shoot for Pier Bosler. <br /> <br />   The American model enchant for the lens of Bozvision wearing breath taking gowns by Nigerian-Austrian  designer Fulani Fashion in an editorial captured by BOZ. <br /> <br ...