6th July 2017



Ankara pants are fabulous and cannot go out of fashion especially when worn in popping fabrics. These pants give the sexy feel while in them when paired in matching tops, jump suits or even a plain colored top.

5th July 2017



Since childhood, we have always been told and subconsciously programmed to always think of the worst case scenario. Who thought to share that belief with the world, WHO? That person or people imposed their limiting beliefs on the whole world. I reject that. You should ...

“Why do I crave sugar and sweet stuff?” my friend asked me, 3 weeks after she started a regular workout and healthy nutrition routine. I couldn’t give a witty, one sentence answer. The question, though simple, had to be approached from both a psychological and ...

4th July 2017

We went on a road trip to the Nelson Mandela capture site in Howick, which also houses the Apartheid museum. After about an hour on the roads, we stopped at the exact point where Nelson Mandela was captured in 1962 and he then went on ...




It's ALL in your hands. Not your partner, parents, friends, family, mentors, godfathers, the government. ..... but YOUR hands and with God it is possible. Figure out what it is you want, what you would love to do everyday, what you are passionate about and ...

tone pro 760



Head phones are one of the relevant gadgets that cannot be over looked in modern technology. Lately, the upgraded device has been catching my fancy and I could not help but wonder what curvy item sometimes left lingering on the neck of those who possess ...

3rd July 2017

LAWRENCE OMO-IYARE (an elite gospel music video director) and the founder of Club X International (a gospel entertainment missionary) celebrates his birthday by sharing with the World his GRACE EXPERIENCE WITH GOD. It's my birthday today and I am so grateful for the "GRACE" of ...




This is very important!!!! Today is another great day to have a great day. No matter where you are now, how you are feeling, how this or that has not happened yet and many more. No matter what is it, right now, this momemt, allow ...

30th June 2017

So we have started dreaming of the summer holidays at the EM HQ. We tracked Bolanle (@bolanle on instagram) to the beautiful city of Durban in South Africa. We spy with our eyes some of her exquisite looks on this vacation. Slay on Bolanle. Boarding ...

The African Fashion industry is about to take a new turn as the multi award winning event management Company and online fashion magazine, Fashions Finest expands to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Fashions Finest Africa is set to be a platform that assembles the ...