Boost your confidence with these beauty products


Beauty products are used to enhance natural appearances or help maintain skin conditions, to slow-down ageing process and preserve youthful looks. Here are a few products that definitely grow your confidence when used as part of your daily skin and beauty routine.

Vitamin E oil

It is known for its potential benefits which includes, its antioxidant properties and its ability to be used as a moisturiser. The vitamin E oil, is definitely a confident booster for me, it helps with dark circles, skin scars and serves as a moisturiser.

Neutrogena face wash

The product has two major uses, it serves as a face mask and also a daily wash. This is one of my personal favourites as there was a time when acne scars were a struggle for me. This baby here clears up all acne scars, exfoliates your skin and keeps your face feeling smooth and refreshed.


Maybeline matte foundation


This drug-store beauty product is highly recommended especially for those with oily skin. The foundation has a medium coverage and a matte after effect. It is easily absorbed into the skin, giving it a natural seamless finish after proper application.

Bright therapy pimple remover

As recommended by a beauty blogger, this “puppy” as she fondly described it helps to prevent pimples from turning into a terrible cysts. It gets rid of acne scars and other forms of swelling on the face.

Image source:, medical news today,, beauty realty


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