What guy doesn’t want to be stylish? I bet no one because this is 2020, so it is about time you get your bop daddy lifestyle in full effect. If you have ever wondered how to stand out or brush up on your fashion style, these 5 Men Fashion Tips is just what you need.

1. Spend More Money On Fewer Pieces Of Clothing:

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When it comes to Men Fashion Tips, it goes without saying that every time you reach into your wallet to purchase an item, you should always think about the value.

How well does it suit me? What is the quality of the fabric or material? Where could I wear this to? How can I style this? All of these questions could be answered with just one choice- getting quality items.

Have you always been one to choose quantity over quality? This is a time to recount your steps because we are watching. Invest in quality jewelry- rings, wristwatches, necklaces, etc.

For shoes, whether leather, sneakers, flats, or whatever else they’re made of, quality should always come before quantity.

2. Have A Removable Top Layer

Men Fashion Tips

Apart from a tuxedo, there is nothing hotter than seeing a man in a jacket (yes ladies, I’m spilling the beans). Having a removable top layer to your outfit makes you stylish without even trying.

Your removable top layer could be a leather jacket, a scarf, or a sweater with a button or zip down option.

Please note that this point should be done depending on the weather because having a removable top layer in the summer is probably an open invite to heatstroke. However, for the rainy season, spring and others have at least two presentable layers on top.

3. Practice Rolling Up Your Shirt Sleeves In Different Styles

Men Fashion Tips

Yes, we know you roll up your sleeves when it is time for some heavy-duty, but did you know that the rolling up of your sleeves is also a fashion statement and could be done in so many different ways that translate style?

Well, here is a style guide to put you through the ABCs of rolling up sleeves for men. So when next you want to roll up your sleeves, I hope you try some of the tips in this article.

4. Button-down Shirts Are Not Just For Business Meetings

Fashion Tips For Men

This point I wish I could scream out like a town crier because a lot of men seem oblivious to this. I repeat, button-down shirts are not just for business meetings! They could be worn on dates, to church, to visit and not just for business meetings or official purposes.

Do away with sweatpants and round necks for a couple of weeks and see how many compliments you get during the time.

5. Wear A Cologne

The last and probably the ultimate, because what is the essence of 1-4 if it isn’t being crowned with a nice scent. There is no need preaching about getting a signature scent, yet, we just want you to smell nice. And just as the first point hammers on investing in quality, colognes, and perfumes are not an exemption to that rule because smelling good is a great business.

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