Age might be just a number, but time is fickle. It is easy to get caught up with routine or get carried away with chasing our dreams that we actually forget to live. What is the craziest thing you have ever done? What fun stories do you have to share with your kids? Have you tried starting a business of your own? When last did you feel really free and relaxed? When last did you do something that scared you? How well have you lived? Looking for a bucket list that would ensure you truly live your life to the fullest? Here are 40 things that you should do before you turn 40.

  • Learn a creative skill (playing a musical instrument, knitting, photography…)
  • Go to a festival
  • Start a business
  • Write a book
  • Sing on stage (Karaoke!)
  • Do a different colour of hair
  • Get a pet
  • Get your dream weight
  • Learn a new language (even if it’s just basic)
  • Visit three continents
  • Get a pension plan
  • Go on a road trip to another country
  • Give to Charity
  • Fly First Class
  • Learn money management
  • Go clubbing or partying
  • Do something alone (movies, restaurant, travel)
  • Be a mentor to somebody
  • Learn how to swim
  • Go to a live show of an artist you love
  • Travel with somebody you love
  • Visit a fantasy country (I dream of Paris and Rome)
  • See at least 2 wonders of the world
  • Have a child (natural or adopted)
  • Throw an elaborate party
  • Cut off toxic friends
  • Go to a spa
  • Go a week without technology
  • Keep a journal
  • Do something adrenaline pumping (skydiving, car racing, bungee jumping, scuba diving or snorkelling)
  • Run a marathon
  • Plant a seed and grow something (plant, food, etc.)
  • Write a letter to yourself
  • Quit a bad habit
  • Place a bet for the fun of it
  • Let go of bitterness and forgive
  • Have a complete makeover
  • Have a picnic watching the sunset or sleep under stars
  • Do something incredible for your parents
  • Go on a boat cruise!

Bucket List Goals! 40 Things to do before 40 1 Bucket List Goals! 40 Things to do before 40 2 Bucket List Goals! 40 Things to do before 40 3 Bucket List Goals! 40 Things to do before 40 4 Bucket List Goals! 40 Things to do before 40 5

Feel free to remove and replace some things, but ensure that it is still fun and leave you proud of the life you’ve lived when you’re done.


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