Why breakfast? The right question should be, “why skip breakfast”?

Often, because of our busy schedules and daily activities, we forget to take the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Having a balanced-diet is largely incomplete without our breakfast. During the period we sleep at night which is usually about 8-10 hours, the body would be without food. Hence, failing to eat in the morning would ultimately affect your weight, mood and concentration.

Why Breakfast really is Important

Taking breakfast helps kickstart our metabolism and fuels our body and brain to work effectively throughout the day.

Here are more definite reasons why we shouldn’t skip breakfast:

Why breakfast
Source – Food52
  1. It kickstarts our metabolism

At night the body’s metabolism slows down. Eating breakfast refuels the brain and body and gets it ready for the day. Kickstarting your metabolism helps burn calories throughout the day but skipping breakfast on the other hand would make the body conserve extra calories. Breakfast also stimulates the brain by giving it a mental edge due to a stable glucose level which aids the ability to focus, and process information faster.

  1. It balances blood sugar level

A healthy breakfast helps the body break down blood sugar and glucose fluctuations can be avoided by eating a healthy breakfast.  Skipping breakfast could cause one to be overweight and have an overall mediocre performance throughout the day.

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  1. It encourages healthier eating

A proper breakfast helps in reaching the recommended balance diet of fruits and vegetables for each day. A proper breakfast consists of fruits, whole grains, fibre and a lot of milk. Breakfast also fills us up, so we don’t have to take unnecessary snacks later in the day. Skipping breakfasts would prevent us from gaining important nutrients and vitamins that the body would need later in the day.

  1. It boosts energy level

Breakfast boosts the energy level of the body. It also increases your strength to carry out more physical activity throughout out the day. People who take breakfast have the required nutrients for the extra energy and the prevention of fatigue.

  1. Heart health benefits

Eating healthy breakfast helps improve the heart health by reducing the tendencies of having high cholesterol and other things that lead to heart diseases. Research shows that those who skip breakfast have higher chances of gaining weight or becoming obese and it could be very bad for the health.

Breakfast should generally be healthy, consisting of healthy grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. So next time you are tempted to ask why breakfast is of any benefit to you. remember that it is actually the most vital meal of the day.

why breakfast
Source – The Modern Proper


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