Unemployed but inspired? Read this article to know some inspiring activities unemployed women employed. 1

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There is indeed no argument being unemployed can be very challenging, as a form of inspiration to fuel your creativity, here are some inspiring stories of persons who conquered the perils of unemployment.

Halle Berry. The Oscar winning actress and mother shared an inspiring story of how she went from unemployed and homeless to fame and successful career. In an interview with Jesse Cargle, the actress discussed on when she first moved to NYC and became homeless three months later. “Giving up was not an option” she had to move into a shelter, work hours as a waiter, then a bartender before gradually rising to fame.

Jack Monroe. Single mum and food blogger, Jack Monroe describes how she had to sell some furniture and her sons toys in order to feed the both of them while living on welfare. She further shares how she started her blog A girl called Jack where she discusses her life and struggles. Her blog is later successful, and currently she has a publishing deal with Penguin group and a column with The Guardian.

Oprah Winfrey. If her story is not inspiring enough, then I do not know whose will. Today Oprah is one of the most influential and loved persons in society. Her road to success started off with a rough childhood before working as an unemployed TV station journalist, who was fired from Baltimore’s WJZ-TV because she was “unfit for TV and too emotionally involved” according to one of the producers. Feeling highly inspired yet?

JK Rowling. Joan Rowling was an unemployed single mother, who survived on welfare benefits to carter for herself and her eleven-year-old daughter. After a long phase of depression and low self-esteem, she got bored and decided to finish her first novel. She was rejected by twelve publishers, but she would not give up until the thirteenth publisher decided to give her a chance. Today, over five-hundred million copies of JK Rowling’s Harry Porter series making it an all time best selling book series.

Agreed, not everyone is presented with the same opportunities and privileges, however, it is not impossible to make your unemployment a valuable experience. Carefully think of how productive you can get, and start implementing. Unemployment does not define one’s success, so get productive!

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala


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