It is no news that fashion has evolved over time. From wrap skirts to miniskirts and from boot cut trousers to skinny jeans; the trend has gone with the times. Fashion has pushed our minds to look beyond the impossible and accept daring and unconventional ideas, becoming a revolution all by itself. Who would have thought that having holes in your trousers was going to be a thing?! Ripped jeans has come, and it has come to stay. Just as with any other fashion piece, rather than fight the trend, it is always better to have it work for you and accommodate your unique style. If you had no idea on how to make ripped jeans work for you, here are simple options to try out.

  • The Corporate Shirt look

Different ways to rock ripped jeans 1

Whoever told you that you couldn’t wear ripped jeans and still look classy, definitely has no idea how to pull it off. Sometimes, simplicity is key. Ripped jeans by itself is already a statement of its own, so a simple buttoned down shirt is enough for you to make a fashion statement, while being as comfortable and classy as ever.


  • Ripped Jeans with Print

Different ways to rock ripped jeans 2

As Africans, print is a part of us. Whether it is Ankara print or Adire, ripped jeans can also work as a pairing. One common pairing option is wearing a bold Ankara top, over any ripped jeans trouser or skirt of your choice. You can rock it to social events, as much as you can rock it to informal meetings.


  • Ripped Jeans and Blazer

Different ways to rock ripped jeans 3

Still interested in channelling your feminine classiness? A blazer is one of the coolest options for pairing ripped jeans. You can also rock your jeans with coats, loose jackets, and even leather jackets. However, nothing beats a stylish blazer.


  • Statement Piece

Different ways to rock ripped jeans 4

Here’s a trick. Rocking a statement footwear, head wrap, a bold neck piece, or simply anything distinct, can take the pressure off the fact that you are wearing ripped jeans and just have onlookers marvel at the totality of the finished look. With this, however, it is important not to go all out with the holes in your trousers.


  • Denim on Denim

Different ways to rock ripped jeans 5

Finally, a safe and chick way to rock ripped jeans is going all denim. Even the guys are not left out here. A good Denim on Denim pairing, never goes wrong and it has the power to change your entire style in a switch.


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