Discover Naturally Tribal Skincare – a natural, vegan, ethically sourced chemical free skincare range of Nigerian heritage that uses only Mother Nature’s gifts to create a range of innovative, enriching and nurturing skincare products for the whole family.

Editors’ Skincare Top Picks

What’s in a Name (The meaning of the Naturally Tribal Skincare ranges)

  • The Women’s range is called ‘IYA’ – Naming their Women’s range was inspired by the ‘Yoruba’ language, and depicts queen, strength, femininity, beauty and nurture!
  • The Men’s range is called ‘AGU’ – Inspired by the ‘Ibo’ language and depicts strength and masculinity!
  • The word ‘YARA’ (Children), the Kid’s range was inspired by the ‘Hausa’ and depicts love, heart, sensitivity, care and protection!
  • The EXOTIC range was inspired by heritage, culture and history, where passing on the ancestry baton runs deep and essential oils prevail. Using Kola Nut, Bitter Kola and Millet, this range is full of natural goodness, it depicts character, mystery and excitement.





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