The biggest fear of any fashionista is basically entering a corporate environment with a compulsory office wardrobe. The thought of putting away your favorite leopard print or committing to a life of button ups and skirts is probably a lot to handle.
However, looking professional in the workplace is important. So, how do we dress for the workplace without stifling our style?
Here are 6 tips on how to dress fashionably at work..

1. Build a basic collection

The key to starting your professional wardrobe is to stock up on basic outfits that aren’t going out of trend anytime soon such as neutral blouses, pencil skirts, trousers, and blazers are essential to working in a professional environment and can be styled different ways for years to come. Get pieces that fit well and that you love.

How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 1

2.  Mix your style with a little bit of trendy 

There is no reason not to wear the latest trends to work, but in moderation. Use your collection of basics as the foundation for implementing seasonal trends. Choose one or two trends to rock to keep your look modern but not overpowered by chokers, velvet, patches, and mules all at once.
How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 2

3.  A statement shoe says a lot 

A statement shoe is an easy way to Dress Fashionably without going over the top in a conservative environment. Add color, texture, shine, and print on your shoes to make your collection of basics stand out. Plus the sparkle or color won’t distract during a meeting because your feet are under a table.
How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 3

4. Don’t leave your hair and make up out 

Don’t forget your hair and makeup is another easy way to add a stylish touch to your work look. Of course, this comes with caution. When it comes to trendy makeup and hair, stick to the simple side. A swipe of electric blue liner or a cute half bun can make give a black blazer that extra dose of style.
How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 4

5.  Let the occasion determine your outfit 

The key to finding your personal work wear style will take a little bit of experimenting. Before you try something new, always confirm where you’re heading to first. If you have an important meeting, it’s best to stick with an outfit you know is stylishly corporate rather than trying taking a fashion risk.
How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 5

6. Let your personality complete your look

There is no reason to let a conservative office environment kill your vibe. Let your personality shine by strategically choosing a stylish collection of basics and adding small doses of your favorite trends to your outfit. When you feel confident and at your best dressed self, chances are you won’t just look good but you’ll perform better at work too.
How To Dress Fashionably To Your Work Place 6


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