Making a hairpiece for yourself is pretty easy. Today we’ll show you how to make one and save yourself a few bucks.
1. Cut your fabric into a rectangular strip.We cut ours 3” (7.5cm) by 15” (38cm).You can modify the dimensions based on how thick you want your scrunchies to be and how much gather to put in them. Pin down the long edge and sew,but remember to leave an inch or so open at both ends.
2. Pin one end with a safety pin,and pull that end through the inside of the tube until both ends meet. Match the ends of the tube and sew down the seam.
3. Flip the tube right way out through the opening,and your scrunchie should look like this.

4. Thread the elastic through the tube. Pin both ends of the elastic with a safety pin,this will stop your elastic from slipping into the tube if you accidentally lose your grip.

Hairpiece DIYs - How To Make One For Yourself 1

5. Sew the ends of the elastic shut.

Hairpiece DIYs - How To Make One For Yourself 2

6. Then the final step is to close off the opening.Sew the edges together using an invisible stitch.


7. And that’s it! You now have your own custom hairpiece. You can use pretty much any kind of fabric for this DIY.

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