If you’ve been living in Lagos for the past month, you would have noticed an extreme heat wave and irrespective of the breeze, fan or water you drink, you just can’t wave the heat off.

I know, I know, it’s annoying and extremely uncomfortable, as much as light clothing is encouraged, you also need to hydrate more and protect your head.
What better way than a Hat! Not just any hat but a Straw hat, a breathable one at that.
Straw hats are chic and also a great way to protect you from the sun rays. Which is a win-win for you and us in this extreme weather.
Whether you’re going all in or halfway with the half cap or visor; you can count on looking stylish in either of them.
So, breathe, hydrate and look cool this season!
Photo credit: @by_d.s @merakamatopha
The Must-Have this Season: HATS (PICS) 1 The Must-Have this Season: HATS (PICS) 2 hats
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