If you have seen international celebrities like Katy Perry or Ariana Grande, rocking nails decorated with yellow minions, national flags, or cupcakes, then you would already know that nails are already fashion pieces all by themselves. Nail art has gone beyond a way to complement your outfit, or merely selecting coffin or round shapes and putting paint to coat; it is beyond the sparkle and glitter – it is Art.

Nail art, as it is popularly called, refers to the creativity that comes with embellishing nails. It is a few steps ahead regular manicure and pedicure, and it can be done on both fingernails and toenails. If you are interested in stepping out of your comfort zone with your nails, then here are a few cool ideas for you:

  • Bling!

Creative Nail Art ideas for a Fashionable Lady 1














This is probably the commonest type of Nail art around. Give your nails special attention by sprinkling a ton or glitter or adding crystal rocks. Bling Nails are allowed to be extra. Throw in as much bling as you can and the sun would bounce off them and shine so much class down on you.


  • Wordplay

Creative Nail Art ideas for a Fashionable Lady 2

Wordplay is another innovative form of nail art and it is truly exceptional. It is something that isn’t popular here in Nigeria, so you are sure to steal the show. You can paint an alphabet over each nail until they spell something altogether or just go all out and write across them. You would need an expert to pull this off, however.


  • Polka Dot

Creative Nail Art ideas for a Fashionable Lady 3

If you want something playful, then the Polka Dot is one of the coolest option. Polka Dot Nails are simple and playful. It shows you have a fun side and get everybody staring at the creativity. Patterns are generally good, so you might also want to try zebra stripes as well.


  • Floral Nail Art

Creative Nail Art ideas for a Fashionable Lady 4

Not too far from the Polka Dot, is the Floral Nail art. In terms of fun, this ranks even higher. If you are going to be around nature, or you are going for calm events like bridal showers and wine tasting, then this might just be the one simple accessory you require. It is perfect for summer and it is simply exceptional.


  • Ombre

Creative Nail Art ideas for a Fashionable Lady 5













Sometimes, simple is just right. Blend in two colours and get an ombre look that would stand out anywhere. You can mix colours if you’re daring, but ensure that both colours blend in perfectly.


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