“When she walks, it should be as if everything sparkles!”

Sass, sparkle, and flair combine to make none other than the free-spirited and highly energetic Sammy Walsh of MTV fame! Her one-of-a-kind style is a blend of dreamy playfulness and spirited spunk. If you’ve been wondering what makes Sammy so unique, stay tuned!

Flights of Fancy: Samantha Walsh 1


This Gamine-Ethereal-Dramatic (AKA: “Edgy Pixie”) style star looks amazing in fabrics that reflect her energetic appeal. This style identity is all about movement and high-impact. Razor-sharp layers and sleek wavy texture brings that sense of movement into the hairstyling options. Slightly tousled angled bobs would show off her playful demeanor. In this Bella Naija photo, she is still pretty with long hair, but look what happens when the length is chopped, and exciting layers are included: you begin to see Samantha’s natural beauty on a higher level. This is key indication that you do not need long lengths to be beautiful: bobs and pixie cuts are ideal for many faces.

The otherworldly (angelic) element is enhanced in wavy silhouettes. The dramatic element comes to life in smooth, sleek styles, showcasing her chiseled features. (Fellow stars whose faces love pixies: Halle Berry, Rihanna)

Highlighter was made for this gem! A little shimmer on the face and in the wardrobe gives that “angel-on-earth” effect onlookers will love! For the red carpet, it is all about taking fancy to another dimension. Feel free to shy away from heavy textures (velvet and suede) and opt for shimmering, lightweight designs.

The key to success in styling a Gamine is remembering the playful elements of movement-in a visual manner. Showcasing the features and style is what truly makes Ms. Walsh stand out. Anything that reminds you of movement is a great enhancer for this persona: wavy texture, chevron patterns, shimmering makeup. Each element says: “Now you see me, now you don’t!” This also plays up the prankster element known among many Gamines.

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

(all photo credits to the photographers)

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