There is nothing like a fancy dress or flowing skirt to boost your mood. Say hello to flowing fabrics and all things fab!

  1. Digital village- A playful take on colors and shapes remix the classic dress into an unforgettable ensemble! Quirky accessories and creative peepers give it a techie vibe in the coolest way.

Fit for a Princess 1

2. Comb the beach in softened fabrics and understated neutrals. Top the look with a few straw goodies and a muted blush-colored lipstick for effortless glam!

Fit for a Princess 2

3. Cobblestones and emeralds- Enjoy a nice trip along the coast in vibrant color! Jewel-toned shades of primary colors give such a rich appeal to an outfit without breaking the bank! (Style hint: Tortoiseshell-styled accessories such as sunglasses add timeless style to even the most chill outfits!)

Fit for a Princess 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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