The Wild & Free collection in collaboration with Onyinye Azode celebrates the wild and free fashion lovers at heart, bold and independent women with careers who all share one thing in common; their love for fashion.

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 1

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 2

Onyinye Azode, the fashion-forward rising influencer is a medical doctor with a strong sense of fashion and style. The collection is inspired by her freedom and her distinct journey. Onyi has created a path of her own, becoming a trailblazer heating the fashionable lane.

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 3EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 4

The campaign stays true to the brand’s style of showcasing the fun and stylish outfits in gorgeous duos perfect for the stylish and daring woman. It plays with bold prints, colors, and eccentric style.

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 5

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 6

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 7

EM Lookbook: "Wild & Free" By MAJU 8


Brand: Maju @ShopMaju

Collection Inspiration:  Onyiibekeh @onyiibekeh

Muse: Angel Obasi @StyleConnaisseur

Photography & Creative Direction: Anny Robert @@anny_robert

Styling & Art Direction: @fiolakemi

Make-up: Wale @beautybyade

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