Today, we are going to show you Ways To Incorporate Red into different looks and still pull it off perfectly. You never have to worry about looking good in red again. Just read on. When it comes to makeup, Red is the colour that comes to mind because of how edgy and confident if makes one but when it comes to Fashion, a number of people shun red because of how bright it is and people love to look conservative. But not anymore, with the unending neon trend, colours are going to be incorporated more. So get ready for more colours! Best one to try, Red!

Mife of has lately been giving colour style inspirations and we have decided to serve you with her Edgy and Chic style. Here is how she incorporates red into her looks

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1. Start with a Red trouser. Pair this with a black top or like Mife here, pair with a check jacket
2. Let your shoes do the talking
Ways To Incorporate Red into your looks
3. Jackets always save lives, let yours be Extra!
Ways To Incorporate Red into your looks - Red jackets
4. Go daring with a double dose of Red!
Ways To Incorporate Red into your looks - red suit
5. Don’t be shy, Lingerie also gotta be sexy.
Ways To Incorporate Red into your looks - sexy in red
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