Widows Day 2016 dawned as bright as any other day. Arriving at Zaron HQ, members of staff were in high spirits as they discussed the day’s schedule. Soon enough, the mood would turn emotional as it had before and everyone was prepared for a hitch free event.

During a selection process, 20 widows had been selected to be a part of this year’s Zaron Widows Empowerment Day. The widows started to arrive at 9am and were seated in the reception area. Soon enough, it was all hands on deck as the makeup session started in earnest. The transformation proves to be magical as even a little bit of makeup goes a very long way to improve not just their looks but their countenance too.

After a motivational speech by Ms. Oke Maduewesi, each widow was invited to share her story as well. There were lots of tears and hugs as reminiscing over the past and the loss of their loved ones had all the women and the organizers sobbing in empathy. Assuring them of her love and support, Ms. Maduewesi encouraged them to love and support each other too.

All 20 widows were empowered with cash to start a petty trade alongside food hampers and other gift items. Sharing a meal together and dancing around in delight, these women felt loved and were once again reminded that they are not alone.

The annual Zaron Widows Day is an initiative geared at empowering widows and putting a smile on their faces. Started in February 2014 and gaining popularity with each passing year, Zaron Cosmetics embraces our society’s widows.

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