Garbelife is a platform created with the objective of sensitising the world towards African culture, whilst creating clothing inspired by history, music, art, topical and societal issues affecting the nation. Clothing, especially of a distinctive kind where style meets functionality – The Garbe Life.

Today’s business feature is a fashion brand for functional men and women inspired by the motherland. The Garbe Life has creatively distinguished itself by creating amazing fashion pieces inspired by the African culture to suit whatever occasion. With a brand message backed by functionality, this brand creates the best fashion pieces for either your work, your casual or that weekend party of yours.

All collections from the Garbe Life give this feeling of vibrancy, comfort and royalty that helps you style each design your way. With all products locally sourced and proudly Nigerian, this brand ensures you live colourfully and fully clothed in Garbe.

Fully attesting to the brand message are the reviews and images from customers styling their fashion pieces from Garbe. From the Chia top x, the Ayo jumpsuit, the Corper jumpsuit to the Marina shirt, all designs from The Garbe Life are fully functional where you wear colours and also live fully.

To shop from The Garbe Life, say hi to them here!



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