If you live in Nigeria, Lagos state to be precise and Lekki to be even more precise, you will agree with me that the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDP) that is responsible for distributing electric power into our homes, “appears” to have also packed their bags, rolled up their distribution cables and hightailed it to Alaska along with the rest of us.

I mean that’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with.

The heat these past few weeks has been unbearable. Honestly, if I had the money, I would have whisked myself and my family to Ice land or Alaska( just kidding. As much as I abhor being hot and sticky I hate being cold too)

Generator Power Still Insufficient

As I type, my generator is on. The annoying part about this is that the blessed generator in my house is not allowed to carry one single airconditioner during the day primarily because my food must not spoil; the fridge MUST be on.

Secondly, because of the many people in the house using fans and watching television at the same time, we consume quite a bit of power (*sigh* welcome to the Easter holidays)

Thirdly, since “NEPA” is no longer a frequent visitor, the generator is used to charge the Almighty inverter.

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About the Heat and Power - Ayo's Point Of View 1Light or No Light?

You can imagine what the shrill sound of the siren in our generator house does to me when “NEPA” finally “brings light.”

It’s like the sound of many angels singing. It comes close to the beep of the notification I get when money hits my account. It’s a really beautiful sound.
Diminished only by the poor quality of the current abi is it voltage now? -Where are all the real science students who still remember their physics lessons? –
What we call Low current has to be the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!!

There is light but there’s no light!
The air conditioner is on but it’s not cooling.
The fridge is just there making noise but not actually working, then the Fan….How do I explain this? It’s like a bad action scene in a C- rated movie in slow motion. The blades moving oh so slowly, not blowing any air, just…. attempting to redistribute the already hot air in the room and failing miserably at it.
It’s sad really.

Honestly, we can’t do much about the heat from the sun but we can do something about the almost non-existent power supply.

We CAN and we MUST get it right. I’m pretty certain it’s not that difficult.
If the government of Dubai could turn a desert into the wonderland that it is today and if there can be stable Power in Ghana, then we have run out of excuses in this country.
Please, who has a spare ticket they’re not using??

Until I come your way next time, keep shining your light for the world to see.

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