about her exquisite life.

EM: What’s going on with you now and for the rest of 2014?
TN: My baby, Reality Access is about to air on Hiptv on Dstv and Ebony Life TV on Dstv. Reality access is a show where I capture Various African Celebrities in their realistic elements. Our cameras penetrate the lives of these people and showcase their work in the most realistic and spontaneous way. You will find the likes of Burna Boy, Basket mouth, Iyanya, Davido, Eku Edewor and so much more… My main job however is interior design my company is called Interior Culture, I design and decorate homes, offices, restaurants, you name it to “exquisite taste” in addition to this, I run my production company called idea Robot productions, where I produce shows, documentaries, wedding videos etc. my 2014 is busy.

EM: What’s on your charity list?
TN: I have a charity fundraising dinner called Avec Amour coming up this Easter where proceeds will be donated to haven for the Nigerian child foundation, who have tirelessly worked to remove abandoned and destitute children from the streets and link them with their caregivers.

EM: What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?
TN:I won’t lie to you I haven’t had time to see any movie this year yet, but I plan to see 12 years a slave just because of all the rave about Lupita

EM: What’s your fav restaurant?
TN: I love dumplings and dim sum so anywhere that serves good dumplings, count me in.

EM: Where is your fav holiday destination?
TN: That would have to be Greece although I have never been but that would be honeymoon destination of choice. I want to spend my honeymoon there. I also love Sardinia the resort is immaculate.

EM: What would you love to do now if you could?
TN: That’s easy! I would love to re-design, decorate and renovate all the airports in Nigeria starting with MM1!

EM: What’s your weekly grocery list like?
TN: I buy a lot of healthy food I don’t even eat. One thing is for sure there must be Perrier water in my grocery bag.

EM: What do you hate the most?
TN: Body Odour!

EM: What would be a great night in for you?
TN: Me, wrapped up in my snuggie with a bowl of ice cream, in front of my iPad laptop and Tv.

EM: What would be a great night out for you?
TN: Dinner with friends and good laughs.

EM: Do you have a workout plan?
TN: I have several workout plans that I don’t follow. I do play tennis though.

EM: What unusual thing would we find in your bedroom?
TN: Hahahaha! My battery operated head scratcher/massager. I pay people to play with my hair trust me.

EM: What are you currently reading?
TN: My Aunty Flora Nwapa’s biography.

EM: What’s your favourite song of the moment?
TN: Disclosure with voices it’s currently the song playing on my website.

EM: What’s your can’t do without thing?
TN: My organs. Lol

EM: Most expensive thing you bought recently
TN: Service. I buy service every month and that is paying salaries to my staff.
It’s a very expensive habit.

EM: What’s your guilty pleasure?
TN: Eating late and carbohydrate.

EM: What’s on your coffee table?
TN: A bunch of fashion and interior design magazines.

EM: Who’s on your speed dial?
TN: My assistant. Laide she is the best!

EM: What is your favourite smell?
TN: Fresh laundry


EM: Favourite book and why?
TN: Our daily manna. I just love those prayers. It has a prayer for everything and anyone can relate to it.

EM: Favourite beauty products?
TN: I’m a beauty product junkie, I buy everything and I am very gullible when it comes to skincare and makeup

EM: How do you relax?
TN: Sleep,

EM: What do you do when you are upset?
TN: I yell at whoever got me upset and I’m good. My anger has a very short time span.

EM: Where is your favourite shopping city
TN: NewYork

EM: Who is your mentor
TN: Life

EM: Where is your favourite place to eat?
TN: In my room

EM: When is your best fashion season?
TN: Fall/winter

EM: What fashion item can you never wear?
TN: High top sneakers with a wedge.

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