Hello beautiful reader, welcome to the month of LOVE.
I am sure the thoughts of the topic will bring quite a few memories as to why you should. Who wants a beautiful start with a sour ending? Who wants to wake up from the dream of love only to realize it was only but a dream? For so many reasons, relationships last or break from so many factors. But the big question is when the deed is done “can you go back to your vomit?”

Conversations in this direction have ensued several times especially among youths I have happily watched, read or listened. Now that the valentines’ day is fast approaching I m sure a lot of plans are in gear as well as excuses. But hey, do not get it worked up let’s keep it straight. So many people are of the opinion that they can while others cannot; but before justifying yourself you must have thought of the key factor(s) that led to a break up.

Such factors as inter tribal/racial issues, blood group, lack of trust, promiscuousness as well as cheating, distant relationships, sexual satisfaction preferences as well as attitudes and many more. Looking at all these factors I would like to judge that they are caused by “evitable and inevitable reasons”. I have heard a lot of people say there’s no harm being friends with their EX-es, do you mind?

I am also of the school of thought that if a mistake is still amendable (probably due to carelessness and the other party realizes his/her mistake, there is no harm in giving another trial BUT only as long as you still love your partner and also available for a relationship. This can be applicable to married ones too as i have not heard about couples who are divorced/seperated (especially with history of kids between them) that cannot make up. As a couple you can underline the factors to realize that your partner has changed or not, a makeup will only make your love bond stronger.

The valentine period is here and a lot of plans are been nursed by people to show towards their loved ones. If your ex comes back on such note to pick the pieces of your crumbled love it is a choice to accept to start over again, just have fun to engage yourselves or be friends if it is still worth it. The most important thing is to SHOW LOVE to the people who truly deserve it.

Enjoy the love month and the rest of the year with each second, day, week and months that pass by filled with love and happiness.

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