Have you considered African Spots for Your Next Vacation?

Most folks have probably begun plans on where to take this year`s relaxation trip. Interestingly, some have even finalized plans since the year before. But you may want to reconsider your chosen location after reading this.

The African continent isn`t just an investments destination but a fast-growing tourist attraction for everyone. From the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx of Egypt to the Table Mountain, beautiful beaches and Robben Island of Cape Town or from the retba lake of Senegal in the east coast to the breathtaking view of Addis Ababa, the sprawling capital city of Ethiopia, Africa will thrill you with lots of mind-blowing options.

According to africanbusinessmagazine.com, an online business magazine, 67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018, an increase from 63 million in 2017. With the relatively cheaper costs of flying to Africa, more tourists arrivals is now a trend in this part of the world.

Quartz Africa has it that Africa`s tourism is the second-fastest growing in the world. Reasons are partly due to the continent`s increasing focus on security, better policies that promote travel and of course, the hospitable attractiveness of many underexplored tourist destinations.

Six Vacation Destinations You Should Consider

If you are yet to make up your mind on any, your soul will thank you if you pick any of these African Spots for Your Next Vacation:


African Spots for Your Next Vacation

Mauritius is a fantastic holiday decision. It`s a favourite spot. The country generates massive revenue from tourism. It is a very Safe Island located in the southwestern region of the Indian Ocean and east of Madagascar. The beauty of this place is sure to leave you breathless. It has a unique array of lush vegetation, wildlife, crystal clear turquoise water bodies, Rocky Mountains and white sand beaches. There are other artificial attractions that will keep you wanting to go back. Mauritius is a paradise for tourists. There are also sweet hotel accommodations ready to add the much-needed colour to your get-away.


Why You Should Consider African Spots for Your Next Vacation 1

This English-speaking country is the home of wildlife. It offers exhilarating experiences to visitors; the adorable culture of the people, safari rides, white sandy beaches on the east coast, the many fascinating game reserves and the coastal city of Mombasa Island. Kenya is rich in colour and boasts of a landscape that will give you the thrills of a lifetime. There are lots of salivating options here.


African Spots for Your Next Vacation

Seychelles is not only a popular destination but a must-visit for any tourist lover. It is an aggregate of about 115 tiny Islands. Vacation on this unique African Island is a medicine for the soul. Top choices include the Beau Vallon bay and beaches in Mahe, Anse Lazio Beach and national park in Praslin, turtle lagoons in Aldabra and Victoria temples and gardens. This place is a natural winder; a worthwhile holiday spot. Moreso, it is relatively affordable. Did I forget to mention that Seychelles is a notorious honeymoon location? Yes, that`s right. Paris is not the only place for romantic getaways.


African Spots for Your Next Vacation

This is an African tourist hot-spot with an interesting blend of European and African ambience. Possibly because of its proximity to Europe. If a trip to the south may be far for you, then your next best choice is Morocco. It is known for its ancient architecture and also for its hued landscapes. Amazing places to camp include Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech. You could also go cycling along the rugged topography of the Atlas Mountain or thrill yourself to performances of acrobats and magicians. Whatever your choice, you can hardly go wrong.

Cape Verde

Why You Should Consider African Spots for Your Next Vacation 2

Cape Verde is another island nation located off the western coast and bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Its most popularly visited island is Sal which is known for its amazing and elegant landscape. The main attraction here is the beach and is a haven for surfers. The other choice locations include Boa Vista and Santa Maria, its busiest town. These are places that will not only give you a guaranteed return on your money but also bathe you with a rich cultural mix. Nature takes its abode in the Cape Verde Islands. The primary language is Portuguese.

It is important to note that this list is not even near exhaustive, meaning that there are many more exotic and affordable holiday choices in Africa.

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