Wellness Wednesday: give me a chilled bottle of drink 1

Every meal has to go with a bottle of soft drink or at least, very icy/chilled water. Don’t you get it? I can’t imagine having a plate of rice with plantain and chicken and then take a cup of water. No way! There has to be a proper stepping down, so the ancestors of the intestine will pray for me. Lol.

What an unhealthy lifestyle! Some people would even prefer having it iced block. Why would you take such chilled thing after consuming oil? If you’re doing this, you should know it’s very harmful to your health and well-being generally. Whether it’s a bottled of chilled soft drink or a glass of chilled water, non is safe, during or after meal.

Teenage girls can have problems with their menstrual cycles due to consumption of icy chilled water after meal. It is claimed that drinking cold water after meal increases the chance of cancer. Some people say that cold water consumption after meal is the cause of harm to your digestive system. You know what I’ll suggest?, Just try avoid these things as possible as you to save yourself of the whole danger.

Photo: www.humannhealth.com

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