These new and revamped Nike sneakers will have you walking on water literally, but it will cost you quite a lot of money.

MSCHF a Brooklyn-based creative arts company purchased a regular pair of Men’s Nike Air Max 97 sneakers for about $160, completely revamped it and added as a shoelace charm a golden Jesus on a crucifix, CBS reports.

The company also added the Bible verse Matthew 14:25 on the inside of the shoes and infused holy water into the soles of the shoes which it claims was gotten from river Jordan and was blessed by a priest in Brooklyn where the company is based.

The sneakers which was renamed “Jesus Shoes” were put up for sale, with it’s own url, at $1,425 and they sold almost immediately.

The shoes then went up for auction on StockX, a market place for authentic sneakers, and users can choose to bid for a to $4,000.

Would you buy it??




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