I really need a vacation. I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of this city. Away from work stress. Away from everything! Just run somewhere with boo.
Tell me you don’t wanna do that too..*wink*.

Casablanca, my lovely Casablanca. I think I need to consider you in my travel plans now, enough of travelling in my mind. Let’s make this happen.

Modern, vibrant, and festive, Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco. Its dynamism, Art Deco architecture, and mild climate make it a choice destination.

If you’re visiting Casablanca, you should visit some of these beautiful sights.

Hassan II Mosque:

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 1

The Hassan II mosque dominates the entire city. It was finished in 1993. It is the second largest mosque in the world, covering two hectares in size with the world’s tallest minaret (200 meters high. Good news for non Muslims! You can visit the mosque on a guided tour. I love mosques. The fine ones though(no offence). I love the calm ambience, serenity, coolness of the floor, of course, if it is tiled. I used to go read in the school mosque, as an undergraduate. It is the best reading experience you can ever have.

Place Mohamed V:

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 2

Aha! Place Mohamed V. You don’t want to miss this very colourful sight. It is the central plaza of Casablanca and the home of many city’s important buildings, like the main bank of Morocco.

El Jadida:

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 3

It is surrounded by beautiful strips of sand.

Central Market:

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 4

If you love to shop or looking good is your business, then the central market is a one stop shop for you. A lot of beautiful things to buy. Just make sure you take a lot of money with you or your atm card should be handy. Don’t say I didn’t tell you..

Check out more beautiful sights.

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 5

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 6

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 7

Travel Tuesday- A trip to Casablanca 8

Photo credit: www.planetwave.com

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