Knowing your colours for some people is not the easiest task in the world; simply put, many are quite unconsciously colour blind. To make life easy they would rather associate like colours with one another; I mean for many men in general anything that looks blue is blue or green is green even yellow can happily stand for gold. Someone asked me the other day, “what my favourite colour is?” I have always leaned towards the color Teal, quite an unusual unique colour, as it lies within the colour wheel of both blue and green depending on the colour hues of warmth or cool some would almost mistake it for turquoise.
Teal is a colour I find wearable all year round; it is neither dramatic nor too classical. I personally find TEAL to be more an elegant, sophisticated colour that when worn can blend in anywhere. The Teal appeal for me works because you colour combine effortlessly with red, coral, orange, yellow, or even white; whichever the combination, you will turn heads. Whether you live in the tropics or in the Antarctic environs, Teal is a colour to wear all year round.
As I researched further with the psychology of Teal, I realised even further why I liked the colour. My discovery led me to the realisation of the meaning. If you are like me and you have a likeness towards Teal, read these attributes:

a. You are a sensitive Individual
b. Your sense of fashion is sophisticated.
c. Your excellent taste is because of your exact and meticulous attention to detail
d. You are trusting and optimistic
e. Your views for the future are of high hopes
f. You have constant faith
g. You like to be a leader and you easily make friends
h. You think before making decisions to avoid making mistakes
i. You are charming, sensitive and refined.
Do you have the Teal Appeal? Try it out and see how the colour works and reflects on you.
Have a Colourful Day.

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