This is the story of the Return of shoulder bags into the forefront of fashion, and onto the shoulders, gently nestled in the armpit of fashions IT girls.

Somewhere after the early ‘ 00s, shoulder bags got little lost in fashion. After being adorned by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Gabrielle Union, shoulder bags were replaced by totes, clutches, and waist bags. Shoulder bags slowly retreated to the bag of our closets, until now.

Shoulder bags are quite practical, unlike the tote bags, they offer a “hands-free” option. leaving your hands free to be able to hold onto other things, like your man, and your groceries. Just like Bella Hadid was able to the photo below.

The Return of Shoulder Bags

So how did the fashion world survive until now without shoulder bags? I remember how good they used to feel under my armpit. it definitely made my friends and I feel like proper young ladies. They are practical, chic, and can carry most of your necessities.

Shoulder bags started making a comeback last year, at fashion shows and on social media. It was too soon to call but we can now boldly celebrate the return of shoulder bags, as they have made it into a new decade.

The Return of Shoulder Bags The Return of Shoulder Bags- Buy or Regret 1 The Return of Shoulder Bags

Ladies, don’t say we having put you on track this year. This is the best time to cop a très chic shoulder bag for yourself, while the trend lasts. Who knows how long it will disappear for when it leaves…

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