The HOW Foundation’s first ‘Blue-State’ Charity Match for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month will hold on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at 4pm. The HOW Foundation would be hosting 4 teams and their supporters at the Road 14 Football Pitch, Lekki, Lagos.

One of the causes The HOW Foundation is passionate about is Prostate Cancer in Nigeria; especially about creating awareness. Statistics around the world vary as to the ages and how many men contact the disease in a year.  It is however, clear that this disease is more common amongst black men. 1 in every 3 men is likely to contact the disease if such person has a family history of Prostate Cancer.

Though Statistics in Nigeria is a tasking one, the “How Foundation” decided to carryout her own surveys. It has been discovered that with a population as high as Nigeria’s, there is little or no public funding for the disease. The HOW Foundation has visited villages and local communities and have found that men above the age of 50 do not even know what the prostate is. Doctors who treat prostate cancer in Nigeria often complain that the patients come to the hospital when the cancer is already showing symptoms which is at the final stages. Some men would slowly die a painful death from the disease while some can manage it but would still be a painful existence. It is clear that early detection is key while awareness and education is first.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month all over the world, so the “How Foundation” has decided to raise awareness and educate the public on prostate cancer.
A football match is a sure and perfect way to raise awareness amongst the men. It would be a fun and friendly match between 4 teams, while the winning team gets a trophy. The friendly and social environment of the match is to set the tone for a more serious background.

Prostate Cancer is a disease that only affects men and it would be great to have them come out and show support to their fellow men. There are no intentions to raise funds on that day but rather raise awareness to develop a culture of early detection, which is cheaper to manage that trying to cure the disease.

The HOW Foundation is in partnership with National and Global Organisations that share the same passion and drive around malaria, prostate cancer and youth empowerment.

You can follow “How Foundation” on their social media platforms for more information,
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