Don’t you just love how Nigerians are able to:
a) Make jokes out of every single situation

b) Preach a sermon out of every single situation?

I’m often amazed at the depth of creativity and talent that some Nigerians possess.

If you’re not careful, you’ll literally spend your whole day plus all your data swiping left and scrolling up and down doing either of two things; laughing out loud or shaking your head in amazement or maybe disgust depending on what you’re looking at.

INEC and Elections Disappointment

Let’s take a look at the Presidential /National Assembly elections that were supposed to hold on the 16th of February 2019.

I woke up to the news – just like everyone else – that the Elections had been postponed and my Emotions ran the gamut from disbelief, irritation, disappointment and annoyance to optimism, resolve and determination.

I had one eye on channels News and the other on “Instagram news”.

If you like roll your eyes at me, “instagram news” can be reliable and you all know that the entertainment value is a hundred percent.

The Elections that Never happened - Ayo's Point Of View 1

First round:

The videos of the descendant of Senator Patrick Obahiagbon (listen, you cannot tell me this guy is not related to Hon. Patrick somehow and if you don’t know who he is, I cannot help you) who with all seriousness was throwing phrases like “what a political hoity toity” “what a political hocus pocus”, ” what a political jabba walkie” and words like obsiferous (I’ve heard of obstreperous) vociferous ( I didn’t quite understand the context in which he used this word but who am I to stand in the way of entertainment? ) and vivendi.( I sha understood this one; it’s Latin for way of life)
I can assure you that both the lady interviewing him and the cameraman recording, were amazed and confused. How they were able to keep their faces straight is a topic for another day.

BOS : Babajide Sanwo-Olu Talks Transportation, Fashion, Tourism in Exclusive Interview With Tewa Onasanya

That was just one video amongst several that cracked me up.

Then I saw the Meme that had :

Amaka: I’m the best at disappointing people.
Arsenal: I’m the best at disappointing Fans
INEC: imagine INEC as “Jenifa” in a shower cap and towel tied across her chest with her best “yinmu” expresion saying: who are these ones?


It was hilarious.

I saw one that made me cringe though;

“How I found myself in Nigeria is not the problem. The problem is; where was my great grandfather when they kidnapped his mates to America?”

Slavery is NOT something to joke about at all.
It appears sometimes that nothing is off- limits in this country.
No topic is too sensitive to be made into a joke or meme and I find it disturbing sometimes .

Then the “instagram motivational speakers/preachers” not left out.

I saw quotes like “they can postpone the Elections but they cannot postpone your destiny”.

“Any Spirit of INEC postponing your blessing, Holyghost……” Ehen! You know the rest. This just about took me out.

We are Nigerians. We are amazing. We are Joyful people and nothing can take away our joy.
Can I get an Amen?
That’s the Spirit! February 23rd and March 9th are the new dates Let your VOTE count.


ayo vincent
ayo vincent

Ayo Vincent is an award-winning gospel artiste, worship-leader, writer, wife and mother of 4 beautiful children.

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