Style File: Feminine Strength 1

Fact: Ladies, there is nothing wrong with being feminine. It has long been assumed that women cannot be feminine and powerful at the same time (unless it’s for something immoral), but that is simply a myth. For the lady who loves being a woman but avoids tons of tulle, there’s hope. Here are a few ways to express your own brand of femininity!

1. Good news: traditionally feminine details may not always bring out a woman’s beauty. Ruffles may look lovely on one woman and distract from the beauty of another. But edgy looks can be refined to strike a stylish balance. Classic safety pins in cool silver and jet create a contrasting classy-yet-edgy look. Take it up a notch with shocking pink makeup and you have a win-win situation!

Style File: Feminine Strength 1

2. Athletic chicas do not have to forgo their love for all things glamorous. As I shared in “Make It a Date”, try to wear the correct clothing for each occasion, practice days included. For chill days, cute hoodie dresses and fresh sneakers upgrade your style with decency. Go girly glam on game days with pink polish and lip gloss.

Style File: Feminine Strength 3

3. Inspiration can come from the most unusual places. This floral ‘fit was inspired by one of my favorite photographer friends (Hi, @jadank.crowphotograhy on IG!). An awesome way to glam up a casual outfit is to match your phone case to another accessory, such as your purse. Delightfully chic yet so simple!

Style File: Feminine Strength 4

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