Written by Love Dr Solomon Adams:


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it relying on someone who doesn’t value you it, that someone who is keeping you as an option in his or her life, that person who takes you to be a substitute…

Please value your time and respect yourself, decrease your speed because you might end up crushing.
You’re not worth to be treated like the way you’re now….

Think twice & wisely, otherwise stop wasting your time on people who take you as a Leisure Time Lover & their loving you is just for Fun, Passing Time and to take away their Boredom.

Think about it and act accordingly,
Review your heart and make a final decision prior it gets late.

Try to listen to that alarm in your heart and do the right thing in the right time with no fear & regret.

Don’t fear loneliness and don’t regret for your time because Fake Relationships give us experience & even they teach us of what to do in our next.

Be strong you’re not alone, God is with you and he has a plan for you, Things are worse right now because God is saving you from the dangers a head.

If you need a company pray to God or lean on your other friends around you.

Be patient and have it in minds that life goes on and the best is a head & yet 2come.

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