Running a business is no easy task and it is easy to think that money is all we need to get things going. Although money is a necessity, there are many other factors to be put in place first. These things can either increase your chances of making money from the business and other sources, or completely destroy your chances altogether. Without proper planning, any venture will crumble down – with or without money.

Here are a few tips to put in place:

  1. A good Business Plan and Budget
  2. Have a team
  3. Adequate research
  4. The Right Level of Commitment

The basics of Building your Business the Right way

  1. A good Business Plan and Budget

Every business starts from the idea stage, but the idea is not nearly what you need – you need to know exactly what you’re doing or have a good enough idea. Your Business Plan would define your strength, weaknesses, sources of fund, marketing plan, and all that. Also define what your financial budget is periodically to ensure that over-spending doesn’t take place. In essence, plan both on the quantitative aspect as well as the qualitative aspect.

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  1. Have a team

A team is always needed when starting out, no matter how small. This team may not be part of your business or may not be paid but they are very important in terms of decision making, advisory, and so on. You need to have the right people to run your ideas by before their implementation. Your team could be your family members or friends; but, make sure you get un-biased opinions come what may.

Spending Money On Your Business


  1. Adequate research

Some of us start businesses that are not relevant to our target audiences and try to use marketing to save it. It doesn’t work! You would just end up wasting money. It is important to conduct proper market research. It would help you in knowing what to expect from your target audience and how to market your product properly. If it’s a new business entirely, try to create little surveys on how your target audience would react to your good or service. Make sure you are giving what people want and not just what you want.


  1. The Right Level of Commitment

Running a business isn’t easy; hence, there is a certain level of passion or drive required to push it. Challenges are bound to arise, so you must understand what you are into and be ready to make sacrifices for it. You would need to sacrifice your time and resources, so you have to ensure that it would ultimately be worth your while.


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