Wearing Safety pin earrings is not a new trend, But it recently resurfaced a few years ago. It came as a bit of a shock when pictures of celebrities and regular people surfaced on social media and on the Internet wearing safety pins as earrings and then “safety pin earrings”.

Safety pins were very popular to wear as replacements for earrings in the punk and gothic scene back in the 90s. But as most trends in that era, it sort of fizzled out, or rather took a back seat, until 2016 when it took hold of the reins of the “fashion car”.

So many trends from the 90s have slowly made their way into the 21st century. From shoulder bags to hair pins, head bands, structured heels.

To the surprise of many these safety pin earrings are quite expensive and then it makes you wonder if the return of the trend is worth the cost?

Anna Ko Saftey pin earrings cost $750 which is a whopping 270,000 naira!

Safety Pin Earrings
Balenciaga safety pin earrings as seen on Temi Otedola cost $470, that translates to 169,200 naira.Safety Pin Earrings - Wear or Trash 1

Our question to you is, would you spend this much on the return of the safety pin earring trend, or would you rather the trend return back to the era from whence it came?


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